Your people are threatened by the orcs, and the only way to defeat them is by helping your king bring back the ancient artifact hidden deep in the dungeon : The lost Relic.

Mixing RPG style and puzzles, this game uses the power of 3D physics engine : having fun exploring and trapping monsters in the dungeons.

Game features

  • Player health and level / XP system
  • Storekeeper for buying torchs and potions
  • About 10 dungeon levels
  • Monsters (Goblin, Skeleton, Troll, Bat)
  • Traps (using lava, water, pales…)
  • Blacksmith for upgrading your weapons and armor level
  • Save/Load system
  • Checkpoint system for big levels


Main theme by Richard  Evans :

Shopkeeper theme by Kevin McLeod :

Price : Free (pay what you want)

Game for Windows PC (32 & 64bits) and Linux.