Indiana Jones and the Time Stone

Indiana Jones and the Time Stone is a French animated fan film (with English subtitles). Follow the new adventures of the famous archaeologist in this original story.

Synopsis : May 1945, the Allies victory and the capitulation of Nazi Germany ended the Second World War in Europe. Recently back from an adventure in Mexico, Indiana Jones is haunted by visions of a strange stone. Professor Victor Morel, an old friend of Marcus Brody’s and Jones’ parents, reveals the existence of a myth about a lost civilization: that of a stone to travel through time. Some diehard Nazis who refuse defeat including a certain professor Von Braun are clearly looking for this stone, which could allow them to rewrite history. Indiana Jones then starts a race against the clock in search of the time stone. An adventure which leads Jones deep into the secrets of a most powerful civilization and also into the maze of his own past.

Note : Credits in the movie / The biggest production i have ever made. It took me almost two years to acheive this episode. A fantastic experience for me and it was so fun to direct these so talented dubbers.

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