Libre Arbitre (Free will)

A hitman executes contracts since many years with a perfect control and without any compassion for his victims. Until he meets a woman with a heavy emotional past. From this union will be born a strong and sincere love that will change his outlook on life.

Elsewhere … an angel and a demon … : the Good and the Evil are playing the fate of this man.

Directed by : Olivier Rommé

Written by : Cécile et Olivier Rommé

Music : Corentin Sauvage – Theta-Sound

Voices : Virgilia Giambruno, Gilga, Laurence Fanuel, Laure Hocquet, Thierry Moreau, Jean-Paul Pratt, Piotr Skrzypczak

Mixing : Jérôme Goudour

Digital visual effects : Yälrok

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